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Born and raised in California’s Bay Area, Lizzy Paris formerly known as Jasmine Nichol is a blend of things both old and new. Classic. Her music embodies an alchemy of love, healing, spirituality, peace, and at times the need to speak against the injustices in her life and in the world. Paris’ adult contemporary sound is a seamless blend of r&b/soul, jazz, pop and alternative encompassing a space all her own.

Whether on stage, in the studio, or in the streets, Lizzy Paris has one mission and it is to provide a sense of relief, optimism and hope to all whom her words connect with. Continuing on with her spiritual journey, Paris has become a certified Sound Healer/meditation teacher and plans to use this spiritual tool in her music and beyond to help heal herself and her community. Since, Paris has launched Sounds in Blüme through which she provides meditation and sound healing sessions.